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What are the terms and conditions of online in case of insurance event while using rail transport?

Nowadays near 15 insurance companies realize compulsory dating accident insurance of passenger on the rail transport.

List of documents, given to the railway administration for making an agreement on freight train organization and carrying out of calculations for transportation and services rendered:.

One can, but you should train for tickets pet as for 20 kg of luggage, apart from having personal luggage.

The cost of discounted fare for children at the age of 6 to 14 years makes 75 per cent of the cost of an adult passenger ticket full ticket. According to "Compilation of standard acts on railway passenger transportation online CIS countries and Baltic states " sec. Order office telephone in Kyiv When booking seats applicant pays only the cost for booking service.

As earlier the tickets could be ordered maximum — for 45 days, minimum — for 1 day.

Registration dating transportation is fulfilled with luggage receipt with ukraine on the front Luggage on hand of passenger.

According to Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Discounts for using rail transport by students elder than 14 years were not determined by legislation.

Postal addresses are given on the first page of this site.

Ukrainian railways do not bear responsibility for online of passport- administrative and other regulations.

Concerning this question you should apply to authoritative body - Border services of Ukraine or the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

List of preferential passenger categories, who have a right on free-of-charge use of bed-clothes in train, are determined by the legislation and are fixed.

Please, pay your attention that the order of giving of bed-clothes in trains to passengers of above-mentioned preferential categories has changed.

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