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While all Spanish dialects adhere to approximately the same written standard, all spoken varieties differ from the written variety, to different degrees.

There are differences between European Spanish (also called Peninsular Spanish) and the Spanish of the Americas, as well as many different dialect areas both within Spain and within Hispanic America.

The grass and forest areas of the house amount to more than 100 per cent of the ground plan.

The Hundertwasser Haus was completed in 1983-1985 under Mayor Helmut Zilk.

When the architect Josef Krawina who had been povided by the Municipality of Vienna, was not willing to draw detailed plans, especially of the façades, after Hundertwasser's model, the architect Peter Pelikan of the town planning department 19 was entrusted with the projet.

Hundertwasser designed a residential building house with terraces open to the street and a high tower as a contrast to the lowest level terrace.

For an introductory guide on IPA symbols, see Help: IPA.

Some of the regional varieties of the Spanish language are quite divergent from one another, especially in pronunciation and vocabulary, and less so in grammar.

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