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1) While I was fuckin' my girl, one day, my girl wanted to play the naughty inmate girl; and, she wante me to be her dirty detention officer.So, I was down with that and my girl busted out with a set of handcuffs from under her bed .This "crazy, nasty, fun" part of sex making is done to sometimes add that extra "sexual estacy", "heightened sexual gratification", or "pleasurable sensations" towards or during that "orgasmic" experience.2) A reason to get really crazy and entertaining with the fuckin', which sometimes involves "sex toys", some "crazy role playing", or "some weird fantasy" being introduced into or during masturbation or sexual intercourse in order to bring that extra sensation during that "cumming" or "orgasmic" experience.By the way, where the fuck did my girl get those handcuffs from!?!2) IF you find someone that is into kinky sex with you (and, love to play with sex toys), you better hurry up and marry them!! I had always been a bit of a nerd throughout high school. I’m 19, 6 feet tall, average build, tan, curly brown hair and brown eyes, a virgin.

Because of this refrain from body contact, injuries are infrequent and minor, making karate safer than football.

My girl instructed me to place the handcuffs on her wrists that were already placed behind her back.

My girl toold me that she wanted to see what kinky sex with me would be like.

A korean style of karate with roots dating back over 1200 years.

Now in America it harmonizes well with the moral ideals rooted here.

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