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According to the release, Knight founded Conservatives when faced with the challenges of finding conservative prospects on mainstream dating sites.

“I was tired of wasting my time with undesirable Liberal dating options,” said Knight.

If you had dinner and drinks, it gives you a chance to be together and not have to be “on.” …I think, ironically you’re going to end up enforcing the (dinner and a movie is a bad idea meme) with the “I’ll just judge you by the movie you pick” thing… …With my guy friends, I’d want to go see something like Cloverfield, but I wouldn’t want to see the Hills Have Eyes part 6. (Laughs) So, I went to a Christmas party with a guy and it was your typical Christmas party with a bunch of young people.

It might not be a bad idea, especially given that there are few longtime success stories like Carville and Matalin in the world.

If he wants to go see the blood and guts gore movie, the shoot ’em movie, or one of the Oscar winners, you can get a better sense of what you’re getting yourself into.

Then, of course, it’s two hours in the theater and you can think about what transpired before the date.

…I saw from the last article that a lot of people said going to the movies was a bad idea for a first date.

But, I think a movie selection is a hint about what sort of guy you’re with.

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