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But that’s not the case –you have to want to make it happen.

It is the same with finding love, finding the right partner.

I am not saying the algorithm is the best in the world and I will not change it in any way, it is still developing.

It varies with the social environment and it will not be the same for the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, and elsewhere in Europe it may be completely different.

“No, that’s not so, usually they ask how old are you, what are your hobbies etc., they focus on the life you are currently living, not on what you would like to do.

And we recognize that if you want to find love you may have to change your life a little, you may have to change yourself a little.

We collect this information and then we compare the scoring between partners which tells us how well-matched they would be.” I would have thought that this is the basic criteria used by any dating agency?“Not exactly, we offer them a coach and the coach is the leading force in helping you find your ideal partner, but we cannot guarantee anything.In love you cannot guarantee anything, unfortunately. We can find the person who is potentially the best partner for you – also in view of your future plans – the number of children you want, life in the city or countryside – all that we can influence, but we cannot influence the chemistry between you.But this we can only offer in our personalized dating agency, it does not work with the agency for disabled clients, because of the difficulties with regard to travel, accessibility and so on.Still, on our website we provide some coaching and some psychological tips, because a lot of people make mistakes when they find the right partner. One sentence –just one sentence -can completely destroy your date.

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