Dating a featherweight sewing machine

Please do not seek appraisals, valuations, estimates, worth etc here.In this workshop, participants will learn how to correctly disassemble, clean, and reassemble their beloved Featherweights.

), July 28th, August 31st, September 1st, 2018 Time: 9 AM - PMNOTE: THE WORKSHOP FEE FOR NOVA'S FEATHERWEIGHT MAINTENANCE WORKSHOP IS LESS EXPENSIVE IN HUNTSVILLE, TX BECAUSE OF THE ARRANGEMENT SHE HAS WITH THE FABRIC CAROUSEL, WHERE THE WORKSHOPS ARE HELD. HER HOST (QUILT GUILD, ETC.) TYPICALLY PAYS THESE EXPENSES WHEN SHE TRAVELS WITH THE WORKSHOP.The four Featherweight cards are a WONDERFUL resource.With the right instruction, feed-dogs covered or lowered, and the appropriate embroidery/darning attachment, Machine Embroidery can range from the ' Practical' (darning) to the ' Artistic' (embroidery)!I was quite impressed, actually, with how smooth works - I would rate this as the best replacement for having an original vintage Singer part.#1 ~ There is a bit of resistance when attaching it because of the foot being spring-loaded.Therefore, placing the arm lever above the needle bar as shown in the photograph above, while screwing the foot in place as it shifts onto the bar will make it much, much easier.#2 ~ Using a small quilt sandwich, begin practicing your free-motion work.

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