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Andorra remained part of the Marca Hispanica of the Frankish Empire being part of the territory the Count of Urgell and eventually by the bishop of the Diocese of Urgell.Also tradition holds that it was guaranteed by the son of Charlemagne, Louis the Pious, writing the Carta de Poblament or a local municipal charter circa 805. Comme notre petit goter d'coliers, que nous gardions au fond de nos poches pour dvorer la rcration !Voici la recette pour confectionner vous-mmes les "mini-savanes" de vos enfants !

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The inhabitants of the valleys were traditionally associated with the Iberians and historically located in Andorra as the Iberian tribe Andosins or Andosini (Ἀνδοσίνους) during the 7th and 2nd centuries BC.

Influenced by Aquitanias, Basque and Iberian languages the locals developed some current toponyms.

The population of the valley grew cereals, raised domestic livestock and developed a commercial trade with people from the Segre and Occitania.

The model of small settlements begin to evolved as a complex urbanism during the Bronze Age.

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The oldest derivation of the word Andorra is from the Greek historian Polybius (The Histories III, 35, 1) who describes the Andosins, an Iberian Pre-Roman tribe, as historically located in the valleys of Andorra and facing the Carthaginian army in its passage through the Pyrenees during the Punic Wars.

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