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They were married in 1984 and have been together ever since.

Bowers' career as a pimp ended in the 1980s with the onset of AIDS.

But as he recounts his tales of deep behind the scenes in Tinseltown, he breaks into a smile and with a laugh he could pass for a younger man.

For decades, Bowers set up celebrities and others in the film industry with sexual partners - or had sex with them himself.

Those behind the camera could be more open in their private lives but the actors and major directors and producers had "morals" clauses in their contracts, which they would have violated by being openly known as gay or bisexual.'But with Bowers, the stars were safe.

'It brought an end to the sexual freedoms that had defined much of life in Tinseltown ever since the birth of the movies. Tricking – whether for others or doing it myself – gradually slowed to a snail's pace. The advent of AIDS didn't change that per se, but now sex could come at the cost of your very life. But life went on.'Bowers had remained single throughout all his 'tricking' except for a longtime girlfriend named Betty who he lived with from the 40s.He wrote in his memoir: 'Sex used to be about having fun and a good time.The advent of AIDS didn't change that per se, but now sex could come at the cost of your very life'But Bowers' memoir doesn't only recount his years of sexual intrigue in Hollywood.By then, all the celebrities he wrote about had died.'I never saw the fascination,' Bowers added. 'I think he was making a larger point about Hollywood and the hypocrisy of the period.A lot of people had diverse sexualities but were part of a system that insisted on putting out the "white picket fence" morality.

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