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The thing is that giving yourself a hug is a wonderful way to treat yourself well and goes hand in hand with learning to call yourself positive, uplifting names.

Now when you give yourself a hug, I find the kind that feels the best is to wrap your arms across your chest so your hands are touching just above your armpits.

Some of the things you might be able to say hello to now that you’re divorced are those things you used to love to do that you gave up for your ex, a peaceful night not disrupted by window-rattling snoring, and no more watching your ex pick their teeth (or nose) at the table.

The hello letter is a great way to start setting your sights on what’s good about now.

You’ll want to hold the hug for a bit and focus on it.

Before you know it, you’ll probably sigh which is a pretty good sign you’re enjoying the hug.

As you discover more things that are good about your life now, you could write a new hello letter or add on to your original one.

Because it’s such a powerful tool for moving on from divorce, writing a hello letter doesn’t need to be a one-time event.If you’re like most people, your internal conversation is probably something less than complimentary.A great way to change your internal conversation is to start name calling. Investigators say there could be more victims that have not been identified.The fraud utilized the infamous "visa and airfare" scheme: Mc Coy and his wife Anna were posing as Russian women seeking marriage and a non-existing Russian marriage agency that would provide women with visas and tickets.

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