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"Many seem to be looking too deeply at this scenario. The first response's suggested that if she wanted meets in Liverpool then to organise one herself!Surely its not being suggested that new members should immediately take the responsibility of organising a meet???

:))) Anyone reading the thread and thought posts rude, clearly hasnt been an internet user very long in my opinion, the written word is something we all have to take into account.The reason why I'm doing it is that I've promised to put something on for people and I very rarely go back on promises.I will probably be shattered before I even start but when I make a promise I try and keep to it. To me, your opening post doesn't sound like you're just making a point about the system.There are literally dozens of people who have been members of this site for years and would still not consider organising a meet yet they can ask about meets in their own areas without being immediately told to sort one out themselves!What happened to the friendly welcome and best wishes to get to know the workings of these message boards and get settled in???

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