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Predictions based on gene sequencing of basal metazoans suggest that within these early communities, in addition to ancestral animal forms, we should find extinct lineages that do not fit within known animal phyla [3].Despite this, previous attempts to classify Ediacara fossils have focused on placing them within extant animal clades and thus have proved unsuccessful, leaving significant gaps in our understanding of early animal evolution.Early mineralization of these deposits after burial yields exceptional preservation of organisms such as is found in a range of preservational modes, including folded, ripped and clearly transported individuals, and some with evidence of death prior to burial [16,18].These factors make it critical that an abundance of specimens be examined to eliminate taphonomic processes as a cause of morphologic variability.More than 550 million years ago, the oceans were teeming with flat, soft-bodied creatures that fed on microbes and algae and could grow as big as bathmats.Today, researchers are studying their fossils to unlock the secrets of early life.For years, scientists have been debating the taxonomic status of in context in the development of early life.We wanted to know if these creatures were part of a group of animals that survived or a failed evolutionary experiment.

The Ediacara Biota represents the oldest fossil evidence for the appearance of animals but linking these taxa to specific clades has proved challenging.Recent work focused on determining relationships within the Ediacara biota based on morphological similarity has demonstrated the utility of interpreting characters of these organisms independent of previously recognized phylogenetic schemes [1,4].is an abundant member of the Ediacara Biota that was mobile and seemingly complex [5].suggests that it does not belong within known animal groups, but that it utilized some of the developmental gene networks of bilaterians, a result predicted by gene sequencing of basal metazoans but previously unidentified in the fossil record.The Ediacara Biota is generally accepted as the first occurrence of macroscopic, complex, animals in the fossil record [1,2].

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