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While a Screaming Woman instinctively yells at the top of her lungs at the first sign of terrifying danger, hitches up her skirts, and runs away from it, screaming all the way, a Screaming Warrior yells at the top of their lungs at the first sign of terrifying danger, raise their weapon, and then proceeds to the terrifying danger, at least to his enemies. Everyone likes a good Battle Cry right before a big fight, but this character just keeps on yelling even while the fight is well underway.

Martha Kelner, one of the few female sports reporters working for the national papers investigated why sexism is still alive and kicking on and off the pitch.

While racism and homophobia appear to be on the stamp-out agenda, sexism is often disregarded as ‘banter’.

Women are expected to simply “flick their hair and get on with it,” says Carolyn Radford (pictured below), 33, chief executive of Mansfield Town FC.

His now well-documented rejection note read: “Most of the players felt that football was very much a male sport and did not really like the thought of females being involved with the treatment of sports injuries within the training complex.” When the letter surfaced in 2011, Manchester United said it would never happen again.

“The football environment is different now,” they said. After all, why are there still so few female physiotherapists working in the game? And why only a handful of CEOs in 92 Football League clubs?

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Eight years at Dundee FC followed, treating players and building a reputation as a brilliant physiotherapist.

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