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Jack Cardiff received a 1960 Oscar Nomination as Best Director for this lush, engaging film starring Trevor Howard, Dean Stockwell and Donald Pleasence, which was adapted from D. The limitations of space for comments make it impossible to detail this film's many virtues. Clarke, which does a fine job of putting into 103 minutes a long, complex novel.

Gertrude and Walter Morel's marriage is a complex one that befuddles Paul as he tries to understand the complex connection between the sensitive mother and the outwardly angry, rough father, who is, underneath, a very sensitive man, too.

Each one fully inhabits the character that he/she is playing.

It was a pleasure to see Heather Sears and Mary Ure again; both died far too young. The film is beautifully photographed in black and white.

My first professional mentor invented as Nikola Tesla did, and among his many inventions was an engine hailed by a federal study as the worlds most promising alternative to the internal combustion engine.

In 1974, as that engine created a stir in the USAs federal government, I began dreaming of changing the energy industry.

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And Dean Stockwell is at his youthful, handsome best. I'm sure this derives partly from director Jack Cardiff's background as a photographer, though Freddie Francis was the cinematographer here and won an Oscar for his work.

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